2014 Voter Guide: Making Sense of the California Propositions

October Newsletter
October 27, 2014
Bend the Arc

2014 CA Voter GuideSince 2005, Bend the Arc has produced voter guides for statewide propositions appearing on ballots in California and this election is no exception.

The process of researching the thorny issues on the ballot and determining our positions began in the summer with a survey of Bend the Arc supporters in California to collect input. Over the course of the following six weeks, a voter guide committee consisting of thirteen volunteers from Bend the Arc’s Bay Area and Southern California regions collaboratively wrote our 2014 Voter Guide. Bend the Arc thanks the volunteers of the Voter Guide Committee, led by Bay Area Regional Council Member Karen Ben-Moshe, for their dedication and diligence in researching and writing the guide.

Inspired by our traditions and history, the committee assessed the six propositions appearing on California’s November 4 ballot, studying their meaning and likely impact. Bend the Arc believes that our Jewish values, traditions, texts, history, faith, and culture have a role to play in inspiring and informing us to help create solutions to America’s most pressing problems, and that belief permeates the voter guide. 

The November 4 ballot provides opportunities for voters to enact corrective measures, particularly in the area of criminal justice reform. Proposition 47 will begin to undo the policies that have led to disproportionate rates of incarceration in communities of color, creating terrible consequences in people’s lives and diverting unprecedented levels of spending toward incarceration. 

In total, 10,000 printed voter guides have been mailed to Bend the Arc supporters and distributed to synagogues, community organizations and Jewish Community Centers in the Bay Area, the South Bay, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego. Pre-election parties in San Francisco and Los Angeles helped spread the word even further. And of course, the voter guide is available for download on our website and shareable on Facebook.

We invite you to use Bend the Arc’s 2014 California Voter Guide to engage others in conversation about public policy and politics, and to bring your Jewish values into the voting booth on November 4.