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California Hopeful for a Landmark Criminal Justice Reform Victory

July/August Newsletter | August 31, 2016

Bend the Arc leaders in California have been working tirelessly as part of a growing movement to reform the state’s broken criminal justice system. Following breakthroughs in recent elections, we are celebrating the unanimous passage in the State Assembly of a bill to reform the use of room confinement for incarcerated youth. The bill now sits on Governor Brown’s desk and Bend the Arc is working to ensure he signs it.

#JewsFor15 Joins Demonstrations Across the Country

April Newsletter | April 15, 2016

On Thursday, April 14, Jews of all ages joined protests, rallies, and strikes in seven cities to demand a $15 federal minimum wage and the right of workers to form a union. Coming on the heels of historic victories in California and New York, the day of action had a strong and triumphant tone.

Celebrating Change, Creating Change

April Newsletter | April 4, 2016

Tickets for Bend the Arc: Bay Area’s second Pursuing Justice Party sold out eight days early. This joyous evening honored Rabbi Sydney Mintz, featured powerful speakers, and celebrated the historic passage of a $15 minimum wage in California.

The Danger of Invisibility (On Purim and Mass Incarceration)

Jewschool | March 21, 2016

As the youngest child in my family, I felt like older people weren’t interested in listening to me. When I did speak up, I was often dismissed – what do you know? As a result, I stayed quiet at the dinner table and played games of make-believe by myself. In a way, I embraced my invisibility by seeking out hiding spots to read and play. Perhaps, that’s why I loved the holiday of Purim, which will be celebrated this week. Besides the fact that it involved carnivals and dressing in costume, it was based on a story about concealed identities revealed and people with little power, in particular our Jewish heroine, speaking up.

Roni Ben-David

January/February Newsletter | February 11, 2016

“In 9th grade I hosted an anniversary party for Roe v. Wade (not widely attended...but  it was my first taste of activism). My heroes were people who spoke out against injustice — they displayed a righteous anger that I hoped to cultivate in myself.” Meet Roni, a leader on the Criminal Justice Reform team in the Bay Area, and a Jewish educator with a soft spot for cinnamon raisin bagels.