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Workers’ rights, Labor Day and Jewish values: It’s time to pass a domestic workers bill of rights

J Weekly | August 30, 2012

Bay Area Regional Council member Paul Kivel makes the case for the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights: "Ki Teitzei, the Torah portion read in congregations around the world the Shabbat before Labor Day this year, commands employers to be fair and honest in their dealings with employees (Deuteronomy 24:14-15), and it obligates Jews to practice mutual aid (Deuteronomy 22:1-4)."

Why Boycotting Hyatt Is More Than Just a Union Issue: An Interview With Activist Cleve Jones

TruthOut | August 17, 2012

UNITE HERE, the hotel, restaurant and casino workers union, launched a major campaign called Hyatt Hurts, encouraging people to boycott Hyatt hotels in support of housekeepers and other workers. As the union argues, Hyatt has abused its housekeepers and other hotel workers, replacing longtime employees with minimum wage temporary workers and imposing dangerous workloads on those who remain. Board Member Amy Dean interviews Cleve Jones, famous labor and LGBTQ activist, who is a leader in the Hyatt Hurts campaign.

New York Times Endorses the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

New York Times | August 9, 2012

On the eve of important votes in the California State Senate, The New York Times editorial board has endorsed A.B. 889, the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. The bill, which Bend the Arc has been organizing for over the last two years, would extend basic labor rights to domestic workers who have long been excluded from many of the fundamental protections most other workers enjoy.

Immigrants Today Seek Same Dream as Our Ancestors

J Weekly | June 21, 2012

CEO Alan van Capelle describes his personal connection to immigration and why immigration reform is a Jewish issue, especially with creating fair policies for the 800,000 undocumented yet law-abiding young men and women who have grown up in this country.

Let’s close the social justice gap and turn beliefs into action

J Weekly | April 19, 2012

Susan Lubek, Bay Area Director, discusses Bend the Arc’s motive, based on Jewish values, to work towards a better America. “The arc of history,” she says, “requires our active participation to bend toward justice.”