To hold America to its promise as a land of opportunity and justice for all people, we use every tool and resource available and invite everyone to take part.

Our Philanthropy helps people revitalize their neighborhoods through grants and strategic long-term investments in affordable housing, foreclosure recovery, good jobs, and the community services every healthy neighborhood needs. The Leadership Institute trains emerging and established leaders to take on the most pressing issues of the day. Organizing & Advocacy helps put power in the hands of individuals, families, workers and communities, strengthening democracy.


Jeremiah Fellowship Participants

Leadership Institute: Jeremiah Fellowship

Meet our Jeremiah Fellows, a cohort of emerging Jewish leaders training to become the next generation of Jewish social justice change-makers.
Leadership Institute Leadership Institute

A strong movement needs strong, sustainable leaders. By transforming leaders, we transform society.

“Seek the well-being of the city in which you live … for in its peace you shall find peace.”—...

Training hundreds of social justice leaders to be effective, sustainable and collaborative...

Marching laborers Organizing and Advocacy

We are driven by Jewish tradition to help create the society we want to live in.

Local organizing campaigns empower individuals, families, workers and communities,...