Leadership Institute

Acting to create a more just society and speaking out against iniquity are integral parts of the Jewish prophetic tradition, one that calls us to action today. At Bend the Arc, leadership is about our ability to help others hear that call and act together to help America fulfill its promise and address our nation’s most pressing issues.Bend the Arc’s Leadership Institute trains emerging leaders, community organizers, activists, and advocates, as well as established change-makers within the Jewish and progressive communities. Our programs are built on the belief that leadership is about engaging others, sustaining and cultivating communities and movements, inspiring others to give their best. For us, leadership is about building community and a movement, about bringing others forward on a journey toward justice.  At Bend the Arc, that means building relationships, too, the kind of relationships that lead to successful collaborations and campaigns – and meaningful change.

Jeremiah Fellowship

“Seek the well-being of the city in which you live … for in its peace you shall find peace.”—Jeremiah 29:7

Selah Leadership Program

Training hundreds of social justice leaders to be effective, sustainable and collaborative agents for change.