Local Community Organizing In the News

A New Chapter Begins in the South Bay Area


On a balmy October evening in Palo Alto, over 30 people came together to launch the new Bend the Arc: South Bay Chapter.

Back at Bat for Domestic Workers in L.A.


When Governor Brown vetoed the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights on September 30, we vowed to continue the fight.

True Stories from Undocumented Workers


As the fight for immigration reform heats up, Bend the Arc has a new publication, focusing on Mercado workers in California, that illustrates the exploitation and intimidation that undocumented workers experience. 

Who Saved California from its own Fiscal Cliff?


“You were alarmed, you stirred yourselves to action and victory was the outcome.” That was California Governor Jerry Brown on January 24 talking about the passage of Proposition 30, the state’s first progressive income tax increase in many years. Bend the Arc played a critical role in organizing the Jewish community to come out and support Prop 30.

Proposition 36: Modifying law corrects horrible injustice


The three strikes law deprives Californians of a fair chance at restitution and rehabilitation. It ensures that prisoners will not be treated with dignity and decency or offered conditions and support needed to become contributing members of society.

What does it say about our own culture and our own sense of justice when we lock men and women away for life, in decrepit and overcrowded prisons, without any opportunity for redemption? The moral costs to society are serious.