Southern California

Criminal Justice Reform in California

Mass incarceration has drastic impacts on our communities — and Bend the Arc: Bay Area has joined a campaign to turn the tide.

Today, close to 135,000 Californians are in state prison, costing more than $62,000 each annually. We need to end the cycle of mass incarceration and we should be spending more money on education than incarceration, especially of non-violent offenders. 

Unleashing the Chutzpah of Young Jewish Leaders

Young organizers have been integral to some of the most sweeping progressive movements in our nation’s history. From the work of young activists like Clara Lemlich in fighting sweatshop labor practices at the turn of the last century, to hundreds of young leaders like Mickey Schwerner, Andrew Goodman, and James Chaney during Freedom Summer 1964, young organizers have often had a profound influence on movements for justice, equality, and dignity.

Prop 47: Yes We Canvass

Proposition 47 passed on November 4th, striking a blow to unjust sentencing laws and detrimental budgetary priorities in California. Bend the Arc is proud to have played an important role in the diverse coalition that worked together to win this huge victory in the fight to end mass incarceration.