We believe that building a more just America requires engagement, organizing and leadership. Inspired by Jewish tradition, we must all take action and do our part to build a better future.

Organizing campaigns help put power in the hands of individuals, families, workers and communities, strengthening democracy and moving us closer to the promise of an America where everyone can share in social and economic opportunity, and enjoy equal rights and liberties.

The issues of mass incarceration, sentencing disparities, and police violence have drastic impacts on our communities — and are both the result of, and perpetuate, the racial injustice that is the long legacy of white supremacy in this country. Criminal justice reform speaks to our imperative as Jews to stand up against oppression and work to achieve a more peaceful and just society.

American Jews have not forgotten our history and we will not allow our country to become a home to bigotry and cruelty conducted by the government in our name. The majority of the Jewish community supports protecting Dreamers, immigrant rights, and a pathway to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants in this country.