Go Proposition 30!

Sam Saxe-Taller
October 15, 2012

This is a short essay written by Sam Saxe-Taller in support of Proposition 30 for his public school.

On the November 2012 ballot, there are lots of things to vote on. There is one proposition that is important to me and I think will be important to you. Proposition 30 is a temporary measure that will preserve the funding for public services, like schools and libraries and public transportation. The California budget is getting cut and cut. If this measure is not passed, there will be a $6 billion budget cut which will mainly affect our schools. One of those effects is 15 days off of teachers’ salaries, which means 15 days of school lost. I love vacation, but extra vacation doesn’t feel like a benefit to me when it’s because all of my teachers are not getting paid as much. Proposition 30 will raise taxes for the wealthy and prevent these cuts. I hope that passing Proposition 30 will help us see how great it is without the budget being cut, and we will hopefully pass another longer lasting measure and maybe even a permanent measure so we wouldn’t have to keep voting on this.

Learn more about Proposition 30 and read Bend the Arc's California Voter Guide.

Sam Saxe-Taller, Public School 4th Grader, Berkeley, CA