About Us

About Us


We are the Bay Area Chapter of Bend the Arc: Jewish Action, a movement of progressive Jews across America who are building a country that lives up to our values of justice and equality for all.

For more than 10 years, we’ve organized the local Jewish community in the Bay Area to work in partnership with communities most impacted by economic inequality and systemic racial injustice.

We advocate for structural policy changes — in our city, state, and country — to achieve our vision of a society that is inclusive, equitable, and supportive of the dignity of every person across race, class, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and faith. Bend the Arc is the only national Jewish organization focused solely on social change in the U.S.

We believe that when we act boldly for justice as Jews, we are reconnected to our deeper communal purpose and prophetic tradition. As we seek to transform our society, we ourselves are transformed as well. For activists of all ages, we offer opportunities to learn and develop as leaders of this movement.

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Meet our staff:

  • Leili Davari-Bitton, Regional Organizer 
  • Carrie Sterns, Jeremiah Fellowship Director
  • Eva Bilick, Administrative Assistant 

Meet our partners:

  • The Ella Baker Center
  • Oakland Rising 
  • Californians United for a Responsible Budget
  • ICE out of California 
  • Reform California 
  • Faith in Action Bay Area 
  • Essie Justice Group 
  • ACLU Northern California 
  • Bay Area Resistance 

And more! 

Meet our leaders:

  • Karen Ben-Moshe, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Joel Abramovitz, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Linda Rhine, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Anna Salem, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Danielle Diuguid, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Ariel Mellinger, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Daniela Bernstein, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Joel Gerwin, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Ash Lynette, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Kendra Froshman, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Donna Nitzberg, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Deb Garfinkle, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Jo Finetti, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Igor Tregub, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Ari Breakstone, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Lyssa Jaye, Chapter Coordinating Council
  • Maya Nitzberg, Criminal Justice Reform Team Chair 
  • Sarah Rose Leonard, Criminal Justice Reform Team Chair