Internal Meeting: Planning for a Contested Election



There is a growing consensus among experts and our partners who have analyzed, and in some cases gamed out, this election that we are almost certainly going to enter into some kind of period of uncertainty and a power-struggle. We are preparing to be part of the necessary movement work to thwart Republican Party attempts to steal the election or refuse to concede power. Join us for an internal joint Bay Area/South Bay chapter meeting to 

- Build shared understanding and analysis of potential scenarios

- Identify emotional resiliency and moral support needs

- Discuss interest, capacity, risks and concerns with ways to take action with our partners and each other

Because this is an internal meeting, we ask that you not invite people that are not already active in the Bay Area or South Bay Chapters. Please email Danny Kaplan with any questions you may have about this meeting.

Date & Time

October 14, 2020 at 5:30pm
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Danny Kaplan

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