Tell California Legislators to Make It Fair

SIGN THE PETITION and ask your state representatives to help make CA more self-reliant under the Trump administration by supporting Make It Fair now:

Donald Trump's budget threatens to slash funding for health care, education, and even Meals on Wheels -- all to pay for massive tax breaks for huge corporations. In California, these same corporations avoid paying nearly $9 billion in property taxes EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. That money could help provide healthcare to families, educate our children, build affordable housing, train workers, feed our seniors, tend our parks, and so much more. Make It Fair is a bold plan to close Proposition 13's commercial property tax loophole for the biggest corporations and recover those funds.

Make It Fair will restore over $9 billion a year for services that all Californians rely on. Roughly half of the new revenues, $4.5 billion, will fund K-12 schools and community colleges. The remainder will be shared by counties, cities and special districts to fund community health clinics, trauma care and emergency rooms, parks, libraries and public safety.

CJ Reform: Make it Fair provides counties, cities, and school districts with new funds that could help implement innovative smart justice strategies. As Californians increasingly embrace prevention and rehabilitation over mass incarceration, communities need the financial resources to fund local solutions that set individuals and families up for success. If we organize, then we can pass this critical reform and advocate for new local investments that support prevention and reentry investments. Well-resourced programs and services that prioritized prevention and rehabilitation - either by local governments, schools or community-based providers - can help reduce crime and recidivism.

Immigration: California's local counties, cities, and schools can help fight Trump's deportation machine by creating a safer environment for all Californians - including our undocumented relatives, friends, and neighbors. We must equip our local governments and schools with the resources they need - now, more than ever - as Trump threatens to defund entities that support undocumented immigrants. We must organize to pass this measure and prioritize these new investments that make California inclusive: Make it Fair provides local governments with additional resources, which could provide direct aid to undocumented immigrants. Even as the federal government continues to tear families apart, our local communities need to have the resources to invest in its priorities, including defending undocumented Californians

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